Common questions & answers for visiting the Mackerel Islands

Thevenard Island is open April - December 2023 and March - October 2024.

Direction Island is currently closed for the 2023/2024 season.

About the Mackerel Islands

The Mackerel Islands are a group of 10 pristine islands and atolls, located 10-22km off the mid-coast of Western Australia, two of which have accommodation – Thevenard and Direction. The islands are accessed from Onslow.

Thevenard Island features 12 beachfront cabins, a general store, tour and activity hire centre, guest laundry, BBQs, boat moorings, airstrip and fuel facilities.

Direction Island is where you can “rent your own island” with a sole beach shack, which is the only man-made structure on the island, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate wilderness experience in an almost untouched environment.

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