Events at the Mackerel Islands, Western Australia

Check out our latest events below, where you’re sure to find something perfect for you! From fishing to diving, health and wellness, retreats, unique dining experiences, or just something to do while you’re holidaying with us.

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Upcoming Events

No upcoming events scheduled at the moment, check back soon!


Past Events

15-18 October 2017

We’ve partnered with Pilbara Dive and Tours to bring you an amazing diving experience at the Mackerel Islands, one of the most magical dive playgrounds around. Explore coral reefs and bombies and see colourful fish and marine life like turtles, dolphins, gropers, reef sharks, stingrays, wobbegongs, sea snakes, trevally schools, snapper, pearl perch, fusiliers, bat fish and silver drummers.

You’ll get to stay 3 nights on Thevenard Island with all meals included and do 4 exhilarating boat dives with an experienced PADI dive instructor.

More info here. Call us on (08) 9184 6444 or email [email protected] to secure your spot.

8-10 September 2017

The 2017 Passion of the Pilbara saw the festival extended out to a massive three days of fun and we had a ball hosting Day 3 of POP on Sunday 10 September here on Thevenard Island!

A boat trip + barefoot beach bar + magic weather + celebrity chefs + live acoustic music = an unmissable recovery party like no other!

Families, friends and couples spent the day swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkelling and taking tours across the island to back beach.

POP celebrity chefs Pete Manifis and Anna Gare showcased their skills with cooking demos and a delicious BBQ lunch on the beach, while the talented Mikey Smith belted out live acoustic tunes.

A fun and chilled out day of awesome food, music, sunshine and good vibes – we can’t wait to do it again!

16-19 June 2017

Our sold-out inaugural Women’s Wellness Pilates Retreat, hosted by pilates trainer Wendy Drew from XS Energy Pilates Studio, was a fantastic 3 days of healthy fun in the sun.

The retreat featured daily pilates sessions and guided meditation, plus workshops, spa treatments, cooking demonstrations and a range of water and land based island activities like snorkelling, SUP boarding, plaka boating, fishing, swimming and beach walks.

Guests stayed on Thevenard Island in beachfront cabins and a night at the Onslow Beach Resort in executive suites.

The retreat will be running again in 2018, check back for details.

WA Day Long Weekend
2-3 June 2017

Fervor are taking Australia by storm with their innovative dining expeditions, merging their passion for creating divine food in spectacular locations using fresh ingredients, locally sourced, foraged, indigenous produce.

Led by executive chef, Paul Iskov, Fervor was established with the aim of providing a “culinary experience you can’t get anywhere else”. We were super proud to be collaborating with the Fervor crew at the Mackerel Islands.

Held on the WA Day long weekend, the Fervor Pop-Up Dining Experience on Thevenard Island was the most unique way to celebrate our extraordinary state.

The dinner comprised of an unforgettable 8-course degustation meal on the beach, under the stars, and included fresh seafood caught from the island’s ocean waters.

Guests got to taste and dine on beautiful food crafted right before their eyes, paired with wines and beer in the pristine surrounds of the island, then a stay overnight in our super comfy accommodation, awakening to soak up the calming island vibe.

“An Australian experience unlike anything you can imagine.”