Private Boat Registration & Arrival Information

  • We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Mackerel Islands very soon!

    • Please read the below Arrival Information carefully to ensure a smooth arrival.
    • Tick the box to indicate your acceptance of the Guest Registration Terms & Conditions.
    • Complete and submit the Vessel Details Form below no later than 7 days prior to your arrival.

    This registration must be completed by each skipper.

  • Arrival Information

    You are required to check-in at the Onslow Beach Resort to complete arrival paperwork, be advised of weather forecasts and confirm arrival time to the island. Boat skippers must be present at check-in. Please note that check-in at Onslow is from 8am, however the island staff will be preparing for your stay on Thevenard Island and will not be available for unloading assistance until 11am. Your cabin on the island will be available from 2pm.

    Once checked in, launch your boat from the Beadon Creek public boat ramp in Onslow. The team at the Onslow Beach Resort is there to assist with transfers between parking and the boat ramp.

    Thevenard Island GPS co-ordinates 21°27.960’S 115°01.519’E

    Island radio channels VHF 72 (emergency 16) refer to island as “Thevenard Base”, please note this is not monitored 24hrs so it is crucial you check-in at the Onslow Beach Resort, so we know your ETA prior to departing Onslow.

    • Staff on the island are available to help unload between 11am and 6pm on the beach when safe to do so, considering wind, tide, and boat size. As a guide, 12 knots and lighter is generally safe to unload so please plan your arrival around these conditions if possible. If deemed unsafe, you are welcome to unload yourself, or wait until conditions improve and we will assist. Please don’t take offence if we ask you to delay as we want to avoid injuries to both guests and staff.
    • Refuel times: Refueling takes place each afternoon at set refueling times advised at island induction on arrival (usually 5.30pm to 6pm subject to daylight). Fuel is not available after 6pm.
    • The large Chevron jetty cannot be used for loading and unloading.
    • Please assist us with our operating licence and lease obligations by not bringing the following:
    o No spear guns are to be taken onto the island. Please leave them on your boat.
    o No jerry cans to be unloaded or stored on the island. If you bring they will need to remain on your boat.
    o No BYO alcohol. Please place your orders prior to arrival and top up from the island store.
    o No Engel fridges or similar. If you bring a fridge freezer it will need to remain on your boat.
    o No item weighing over 16kg will be unloaded for health and safety reasons.
    o No swags on the island to prevent transport of invasive pests to the Nature Reserve.
    o All broken down vessels are required to be returned to Onslow at the owner’s responsibility.

    Please make sure you call us on the radio (Channel 72) when you are almost here and we will come down to say hello, help you unload and get you settled into your accommodation.

    Keep an eye out for our entrance port and starboard markers located 100m from shore. Middle of the channel markers 21°27.831’S 115°01.469’E. Trim your motors up as soon as you enter the channel, use your sounder as a depth guide, and your eyes. Having a spotter on the bow is recommended to prevent hull damage and props becoming entangled in mooring lines. Come through the Port and Starboard markers and navigate carefully through the channel which is marked by the larger Red and Yellow buoys. DO NOT drive through the mooring area. Nose onto beach and unload over the side of the boat while skipper stays at the helm of the boat. Ensure you raise your motor in the mooring area as it can get very shallow!

    Once you have unloaded, make your way to your allocated mooring. Please do not change moorings without seeing a staff member. There will be two leader ropes attached to a float. Approaching into the wind use your boat hook or similar to pick up the leader ropes, and loop them over the bollard(s) on the bow of your boat. DO NOT under any circumstances attach leaders to midship or stern bollards, bow only. During breezy conditions and/or spring tides it is advisable to have a deckhand on board to assist. Ask one of our crew to assist if you are unsure.

    If you do not have your own, a tender/kayak is available on the beach to use free of charge. These can be towed out to your mooring so you can paddle back to shore. If using our tender/kayak please ensure they are left on the beach ABOVE the high tide line. Lost tender/kayaks/paddles will be billed for.

    Moorings are checked and serviced by our staff however adverse conditions can arise at any time and Mackerel Islands Pty Ltd takes NO responsibility for loss or damage of vessels. Moorings are used at your own risk and we recommend appropriate insurance is taken out.

  • Guest Registration Terms & Conditions

    By agreeing to the Guest Registration Terms & Conditions, you are liable, and your nominated credit card will be charged for any of the following such as but not limited to: Failure to settle your account, smoking inside the cabins, excessive cleaning costs, general damage to Island property, fittings and fixtures.
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  • Helpful Tips for Safe Travel

    • Check your trailer and tyres are in good condition (including the spare).

    • Do your wheel bearings need replacing? Having a spare set of bearings is a good idea if travelling long distances with your boat trailer.

    • Be mindful of your boat trailer load capacity when packing and check your suspension is greased and in good condition.

    • Has your boat been serviced and in good running condition? Do you have spare fuel filters?

    • Ensure your mooring cleats are in good condition.

    • Do you have all your paperwork? Skippers Ticket, Fishing License, EPIRB Registration Form?

    • Refer to Department of Transport about offshore vessel safety equipment EG: Correct flares/in date, lifejackets and carrying EPIRB registration form.

    • Refer to Fisheries WA regulations for filleting at sea rules which apply while on the island. When filleting fish, skin must be left on and fillets must be 30cm long to comply with possession limit rules. Please visit their website for further information.

    • If you intend on bringing an Engel or the like fridge/freezer to transport food here or fish on return, please ensure you do not bring onto the island. You can either leave it on your boat for the duration of your island stay or make prior arrangements to leave it at Onslow Beach Resort. There are no exceptions to bringing fridge/freezers on the island.

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