Snorkel and Dive the Mackerel Islands, Western Australia

Snorkel fringing reefs and bombies, accessible from the island but best by boat. The ocean waters surrounding the Mackerel Islands boast a showcase of amazing sea life and untouched coral reefs.

A huge underwater reward awaits for those who bring their own dive equipment and boat. Located just north of the world heritage listed Ningaloo Reef and the Exmouth Gulf, this is a dive playground for those who seek to discover new reef frontiers that have hardly been in contact with a human being!

Scuba sites ranging from 3m – 18m are located in close proximity to Thevenard Island and guests who bring their own dive equipment can easily access these. Dive equipment can be hired in the region with advance notice through Pilbara Dive and Tours in Karratha.

Whether you’re a scuba pro or you prefer to drift along the reef with a snorkel, the Mackerel Islands are where you’ll find an exhilarating underwater world.


Snorkeling Mackerel Islands, Western Australia


A variety of reef locations surround the Mackerel Islands, including our ‘house’ reefs, which are easily accessible from shore. These sites offer some great snorkelling for those wishing to explore close to the beachfront and are especially fun for kids. Low tides are common and make for a tranquil, enjoyable snorkel adventure to admire all the beauty and action under the sea, while friends and family can watch from their cabin’s outdoor entertaining area. You can hire masks, snorkels and flippers from our activity centre.

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Scuba Diving Mackerel Islands, Western Australia


Diving at the Mackerel Islands offers a chance to explore new dive sites teeming with a high diversity of corals and marine life. Most sites are between 3m and 18m and require a moderate level of experience. Bring your own dive equipment and boat, and be rewarded with seeing nature at its most beautiful, audacious and challenging. Typical sealife to swim amongst includes whales, dolphins, gropers, reef sharks, stingrays, wobbegongs, turtles, thick trevally schools, snapper, pearl perch, fusiliers, batfish and silver drummer.

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