Dive the Mackerel Islands, Western Australia

The ocean waters surrounding the Mackerel Islands boast a showcase of amazing sea life and untouched coral reefs. Located just north of Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth Gulf, a dive playground awaits for those who seek to discover new aquatic frontiers.

New dive sites are being discovered all the time and most of the marine life here has never come into contact with a human being! Whether you’re a scuba pro, a reef rambler, seaside whale watcher or you prefer to drift along with a snorkel, the Mackerel Islands are where you’ll find an exhilarating underwater world.

Snorkeling Mackerel Islands, Western Australia


Our ‘house’ reefs, easily accessible from our beachfront cabins, offer some great snorkelling for those wishing to explore sites close to shore. Low tides are common and make for a tranquil, enjoyable reef adventure while friends and family watch from their cabin’s outdoor entertaining area. A mask and snorkel gives kids unlimited entry to admire the action.

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Scuba Diving Mackerel Islands, Western Australia


Diving around the waters of the Mackerel Islands is an optical feast for any scuba enthusiast. Endless seascapes abound, the hypnotic lure of sea life drifts and rolls like your own private showing of a marine movie. Thevenard Island is the main base, with all the essential facilities required for excellent dive expeditions.

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Diving Mackerel Islands, Western Australia


From $1395 per person. 21-24 July 2018 – more dive trip dates available soon. Scuba dive with amazing sea life and explore untouched coral reefs. Package includes 3 night’s stay at the Mackerel Islands, daily meals, return ferry transfers, 4 exhilarating boat dives, PADI dive instructor, tanks and weight belts.

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PADI Dive Courses Mackerel Islands, Onslow, Western Australia


From $1200 per person. Learn to dive in 3 days. Day 1 will be spent at the Onslow Beach Resort pool before heading over to the Mackerel Islands for days 2 and 3, putting the skills you learnt in the pool to the test in the ocean. Course includes 1 night’s accommodation on the island, dive instructor and equipment.

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