Fish the Mackerel Islands,
Western Australia

Fish tales start here! The Mackerel Islands are the Pilbara’s fishiest waters, and many a fishing legend will happily recount the number of times they reeled in a thumping great Red Emperor, GT or Sailfish. The Mackerel Islands is the one fishing spot you can tell everyone about – there are plenty to go around and will appeal to fishers of all styles, including boat fishing, beach fishing and fly fishing.

One of the best ways to experience the species-rich waters surrounding the Mackerel Islands is by fishing charter. Our experienced skipper can take you to our favourite fishing spots such as the famous Rosily Cay, or let you in on some of our secret snorkelling bays, home to an abundance of fish life and tropical crayfish.

BEach fishing

Beach fishing

Feel the routine and bustle of everyday life melt away when you try your hand at some relaxing beach fishing. Beautiful beaches with deep channels, reef and sand flats surround the Mackerel Islands, so your own secluded fishing spot is never far away.

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Thevenard Island

Boat fishing

The Mackerel Islands are situated perfectly around some of the best fishing grounds in Australia. With your boat conveniently moored at the island, getting to these fishing havens is only a matter of minutes, as the islands are surrounded by coral reefs.

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Fly Fishing

fly fishing

Very few places in Australia can produce the amount of saltwater action that can be enjoyed in and around the islands, and fly fishing is no exception. The Mackerel Islands has hosted individuals as well as fly fishing groups up to 30 without any problem, and produce upward of 70 species of fish, including mega class fish, in a week. Truly a fly fisher’s dream.

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Boat Charters

Fishing Charters

Our fishing charters are pretty extraordinary. We take small group sizes of up to 8 people on our 8.2 metre Sportsfisher Leisurecat, giving you a personal and specialised fishing experience on these amazing waters like you’ve never had before.

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