Tours & Activities at the Mackerel Islands, Western Australia

Experience the magic of the Mackerel Islands through our range of tours and activities designed for a holiday full of sunshine, adventure and relaxation.

Explore the island, ocean and reefs, discover the incredible sea life teeming underwater, learn about our resident turtles, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Turtle Tour

New summer tour!
$10 per adult, free for children

2 Hours. Operates November- March.

Learn about the lifecycle of the Mackerel Islands sea turtles and the conservation program run by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), then head out on a field trip to see and interact with the turtles.

Our very special turtle season occurs each summer, when flatback, hawksbill, loggerhead and green turtles come home to the islands to mate, dig nests in the sand dunes and lay eggs. After incubating for around 6-10 weeks, the baby hatchlings dig to the surface and scurry to the ocean.

Every year DBCA and volunteers monitor a 1.5km stretch of beach on Thevenard Island for flatback turtles. They apply flipper tags, a PIT tag/ID chip, take length and width measurements of the shell, and a biopsy sample from the rear flipper. They also count turtle tracks to identify which species the tracks belongs to. This important work helps to protect populations of flatbacks - the only marine turtle species that nest exclusively in Australia - listed as vulnerable under Australia's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

See the satellite tracked turtles here.

More info about the conservation program here.

Turtles Mackerel Islands

Sunset 4WD Tour

$20 per adult, free for children

2 Hours. Operates All Year.

Head out on a 4WD bus tour with our driver to the other side of Thevenard Island, known as Back Beach, to watch the sun sink below the ocean's horizon as the sky lights up with reds, oranges, pinks and yellows.

On the way, spot the island's distinctive osprey bird nests.

Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine or a beer with some nibbles, plus some spectacular photo opportunities.

Sunset 4WD Tour Mackerel Islands

Mackerel Islands Day Trip

Departing from Onslow:
$299 per person

5 Hours (approx). Operates All Year.

This tour offers a taster of island life! Enjoy a scenic flight from Onslow to the Mackerel Islands, taking in the coastline and clear blue colours of the Indian Ocean before landing on the island's 1,000m brick paved airstrip. You'll then enjoy a packed lunch on the beach before exploring the island and making the most of the activities available for the day.


  • Scenic flight
  • Packed lunch on the beach
  • Kayak hire
  • Snorkel hire
  • Guided tour by your pilot

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Day Trips Mackerel Islands

Montebello Scenic Flight with Mackerel Islands Day Trip

Departing from Onslow:
$375 per person

5 Hours (approx). Operates All Year.

Fly from Onslow, overflying the oil operations of Barrow Island on the way to the system of islands called Montebello Islands.  This set of islands, composing of around 174 small islands, is famous for their unique shape and the British nuclear tests in the 1950's. See this piece of history from the air with your scenic flight that overflies the test site. Fly back down to the Mackerel Islands for lunch and activities.


  • Scenic flight
  • Packed lunch on the beach
  • Kayak hire
  • Snorkel hire
  • Guided tour by your pilot

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Day Trips Mackerel Islands

Fishing Charter

Departing Thevenard: $350 per person own line, $500 per 2 people share line
Departing Onslow: $395 per person own line, $545 per person share line

Full Day. Operates All Year.

Specialised skipper and guide for the experience of a lifetime - we'll get you to the best fishing grounds in the Pilbara fast, in comfort and style. Our new, custom built 11m twin hull LeisureCat, powered by 300hp Yamaha outboards, is fitted out with marlin poles, toilet/shower and the latest electronics.

Our charters include up to 8 hours on the water, morning tea, lunch, water, soft drinks and ice, top quality Shimano gear, bait and tackle, overhead reels, spinning combos and game rods, plus fish cleaned, filleted and bagged.

Fish a variety of styles to suit conditions - game fishing, sportfishing, bottom fishing, trolling, sight casting, lure flicking, stick baiting, GT popping, deep water jigging, snorkelling for crays.

Mackerel Islands Fishing Charters are renowned for Red Emperor, Rankin Cod, Gold Band, Coral Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Amberjack, Jobfish, Pearl Perch, Giant Trevally, Queenfish, Ruby Snapper, Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Squid and Tropical Crayfish.

Fishing Mackerel Islands

Whale Watching

$110 per adult, $80 per child

Half Day. Operates July-August.

The Mackerel Islands are visited by various species of whales during their migration and calving season. Our half day whale watching tours give you the opportunity to observe these magnificent gentle giants in the wild.

Each winter, hundreds of humpback whales leave Antarctica to migrate northwards to warmer waters along the coast of Australia to breed and calve, before heading back to their feeding grounds in the polar waters of the Antarctic. Other species you might see include the pilot whale, false killer whale, sei whale and bryde’s whale.

It is common for island guests to have continuous whale sightings and view awe-inspiring whale behaviour like blowing, breaching and tail slapping.

Whale Watching Mackerel Islands

Plaka Boat Hire

$240 per day including fuel

Full Day Hire. Requires a recreational skipper's licence.

Explore the waters surrounding the Mackerel Islands yourself on our 4.6m plaka boats. These stable boats are unsinkable and ideal for snorkelling, fly fishing, catching a fish or crayfish for dinner or just getting out on the water. Comfortably seating up to 4 adults, or 2 adults and 2-3 kids, they make a great day out. All safety gear is on board, with GPS, sounder and shade awnings.

Boat Hire Mackerel Islands

Kayak & SUP Board Hire

Kayaks: $25 half day, $50 full day
Stand Up Paddle Boards: $30 half day, $60 full day

Half or Full Day Hire.

Get fit and have fun exploring and discovering different areas, bays, beaches and coral reef systems around the Mackerel Islands. See colourful fish from above the water. You could even come across turtles, stingrays and dolphins!

Kayaking SUP Boarding Mackerel Islands

Snorkel Set Hire

$10 per day

Per Day Hire.

Swim out from the beach and snorkel over the fringing coral reef situated close to shore, to see a kaleidoscope of tropical fish, crabs and marine life. A hypnotic seascape will drift and roll around you in the calm waters of the bay. The Mackerel Islands are teeming with beautiful sea creatures and opportunities for underwater photos or videos.

Snorkelling Mackerel Islands

Fishing Rod Hire

$20 per day

Per Day Hire.

Try your hand at beach or jetty fishing, squid jigging, or reef walking at low tide for octopus, in the Pilbara's fishiest waters. If luck's on your side, you could land a catch to cook up a seafood feast at your beachfront cabin. You could even fillet and take home some 5 star species the Mackerel Islands are famous for.

Fishing Mackerel Islands


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