Beach fishing mackerel islands

Feel the stresses of everyday life melt away when you try your hand at some relaxing beach fishing.

Beautiful quiet beaches with deep channels, reefs and sand flats surround the Mackerel Islands, so your own secluded fishing spot is never far away and just waiting to be discovered.

Shore Fishing Mackerel Islands, Western Australia

Beach Fishing at the Mackerel Islands, Western Australia

You don’t need a boat to enjoy fishing on the island, our land based fishing is also awesome!

Whether you like to kick back with an ice cold drink, throw some bait out and wait for the fish to come to you, or wander the water’s edge casting poppers, stick baits and metal slices, whatever your mood, there’s a trove of spots to suit.

On an incoming tide the fishing action really lights up with schools of fish coming to feed on shallow reefs.

Casting lures at these times can result in some of the best fishing fun you can have! Wading out on the flats and sight casting for trevallies and queen fish is certainly an art, but there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a fish attack a lure in skinny waters.

The islands are also home to cheeky schools of squid that can be caught darting between seagrass meadows – these guys are an easy catch and guaranteed to have the kids giggling and chasing for more! Plus not much beats freshly caught squid cooked up on the BBQ for a tasty treat.

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Shore Fishing Mackerel Islands, Western Australia

What Gear Do I Need & Where Are The Best Spots?

Use your own fishing rod or hire one from us. We’ve also got your tackle needs sorted – you can buy bait, lures, poppers, sinkers, hooks, line and leader from the island shop.

Head to one of these spots:

Northern Eastern edge near beach cabins (walk)
This beach is very convenient to walk to from the beach cabins. Using a running sinker rig down to a small hook is simple and keeps your bait on the sand. We recommend squid and mulies which are available at the Island general store.

Beach fishing using this rig has been successful for Spangled Emperor, Cod and Coral Trout amongst others. It’s also useful to keep handy a light flick rod to throw slice lures for pelagic species such as Trevally and Queenfish as they swim past.

West End Beach (20 minute 4WD bus transport)
At the drop-off point there is a nice beach cabana lookout as your base. Walk south approximately 200m to the Western Point of the Island and cast lures for hours of pelagic sight casting fun.This area is well known as a flyfishing paradise, with many guests out-catching lure fishers 2:1!

High tide works best here as there is plenty of reef for fish to forage amongst.The 2 hours leading up to the hightide are extremely productive and heaps of fun.

12 km of Beach (walk)
Thevenard Island is a long cigar shaped Island running East-West, and therefore has 5km of pristine sandy beaches on both the North and South sides. This allows for several hours of sight casting for pelagics on either side of the Island depending on the wind direction at the time.

Casting a range of small poppers and slice lures with 1m of mono trace will provide hours of fun.

Accommodation Options

Mackerel Islands – Stay in a beachfront cabin. Options available for 2, 3 or 5 bedrooms – plenty of room for your family or mates!

Onslow Beach Resort – Need somewhere to stay the night before heading over to the island? The Onslow Beach Resort on the mainland in Onslow is the go. Mackerel Islands guests get a 20% discount off their accommodation at this resort.

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