Destination WA tour of the Mackerel IslandsFishing Charters

Mackerel Islands fishing charters are pretty awesome. Whether you live in Western Australia or are just visiting, add it to your list.

We take small group sizes of up to 8 people, giving you a personal and specialised fishing experience on these amazing waters like you’ve never had before. See below for information on sports fishing packages.

Our charters include lunch, tackle, bait and all the good quality gear you need for a full days fishing. They are organised to suit individuals and groups, and we will tailor a charter to suit your needs any day of the year. This fishing adventure could see you reeling in several sizeable sorts, like:

  • Quality reef fish – Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Rankin Cod, NW Snapper
  • Pelagic action – Spanish Mackerel, Sailfish and Wahoo
  • Giant schools of fun – Golden and Giant Trevally

Try a range of fishing techniques depending on weather and conditions:


The sound of a reel being peeled off by a large Spaniard is something every keen angler should experience.

Using overhead reels and game rods, our skipper will trawl over proven ground mainly chasing Spanish mackerel, with catches of wahoo, cobia, tuna, sailfish and a variety of mackerel being common.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is an exciting way for everyone to have a line in the water waiting for that next big hit.

Using a variety of rods and reels, our skipper positions the vessel to drift strategically over known hot spots. Several spots are visited over the day to hunt out where fish are lurking. Finally, the feeling of fish nibbling away creates that much anticipated thrill on board before engulfing them in a frenzy, causing them to dash for shelter!

BIG fish can be caught bottom fishing around Rosily, with the most sought after being red emperor. The range of fish species caught include:

  • Coral trout
  • Rankin cod
  • Sea perch
  • Spangled emperor

…and everything in between!

Lure Flicking

Lure flicking around the Cay is undoubtedly every angler’s highlight of the Mackerels and has become famed among fishing circles.

Monster giant trevally and queenfish gather earnestly here. Flicking lures close to the rocks, in the white wash or over the reef, then watching a fish hit your lure in the crystal clear waters is an action packed way to fish that’s guaranteed to get any heart racing.

Pre-booking is essential. Contact our Island team on +61 (0) 8 9184 6444, or [email protected]

Daily departure available from:

  • Thevenard Island
  • Beadon Creek, Onslow

RDO activity bookings welcome. Arrangements can be made for travelling from local areas if required.

For boat owners, see our Boating Info page.

Check out these teasers of our recent episodes of Al McGlashan’s Fish’n With Mates:

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Whale Watching & Island Hopping

Our charter boat is also available for whale watching and island hopping charters. See price list here. 

Subject to seasonality and availability. Contact us for enquiries.