The sites laid out in the Mackerel Islands’ snorkel trail are primary examples of the vast varieties of coral, coral structures and divers marine life habitats found in the broader area. They range from the visually breathtaking to the environmentally unique.

Our ‘house’ reefs, easily accessible from our beachfront cabins, offer some great snorkelling for those wishing to explore sites close to shore. Low tides are common and make for a tranquil, enjoyable reef adventure while friends and family watch from their cabin’s outdoor entertaining area. A mask and snorkel gives kids unlimited entry to admire the action.

Thevenard Island’s sandy cay consists of loose coral sands, covering typically low Pilbara coastal vegetation and surrounded by a protective fringe coral bombie reef with other sandstone and coral reef structures nearby.

The waters surrounding Direction Island offer a spectacular array of colourful reef fish and beautiful coral formations. Its fringing reef is alive and animated with fish, coral, and sea plants.

Boat Access

For the more experienced, audacious snorkellers, our snorkel trail is easily accessed by boat. Our Plaka boats provide a great platform for you to investigate pristine coral sites within a short distance from the main boat mooring area.