Guest Diaries ‘n’ Drawings


On Thevenard Island in each of the beachfront cabins sits a humble diary – remember those? We thought we’d pop one there just to see if people were inspired to write or draw about their adventures. You see, there’s this magic thing that happens when you visit a place so raw, beautiful, still and close to its natural state – you … Read More

Baby Booming and Blooming

Nesting turtle on Thevenard Island

Spring is a time of anticipation, rejuvenation, and new beginnings for many of us. We’ve had an exciting time the past few weeks welcoming new life to the Mackerel Islands, with the emergence of dune blooms adding colourful hues to the landscape, and an array of babies from land and sea taking their first blinks into the sun, learning the ropes of … Read More

Hail the Humpback Whale!

July and August are months close to our wild-natured hearts, as it’s when our mammalian giant friends, the humpback whales, come out to play as they’re headed north to their calving grounds in the Kimberley. You see, they like to be close to islands for feeding and breeding, so we’re really fortunate to be able to experience these beauties. Acrobatic … Read More

Mackerel Islands Fishing – A Buff’s Dream  

It’s no secret we have a host of world-class fishing spots surrounding us. Whether you like to fish from the beach, fly-fish or drop a line from the boat, you’ll be rewarded by stunning untouched scenery, crystalline waters and no shortage of space to cast til your heart’s content.   What makes fishing the Mackerel Islands unique?  If you’re beach … Read More

Celebrities, Communities and Cameras

While the southern half of the country are wrapping themselves in wool, we are embracing the turn of winter with little need for much else than a sarong, towel and some light refreshments when the sun goes down. Hello winter, you’re welcome! It’s been a huge month here on and around the islands, having just waved goodbye to the Destination … Read More

Recreation, Reconnection, Relaxation: The magic of an island day trip

In the often rushed, bustling whirlwind that comprises many of our daily routines, it’s easy to ignore our need for getting away, boosting vitality, reconnecting with loved ones, cutting loose in nature – until we’re just screaming for some time out. The word ‘escape’ conjures up many thoughts, ideas and emotions. Sit with it for a moment. Add the word … Read More

Pilbara’s best kept secret

Bay flatback turtle

Pilbara’s best kept secret: Mackerel Islands Is In Full Swing! Welcome to our island diary – where we’ll be brewing a hot-pot of collaborative guest stories and team musings on and surrounding the Mackerel Islands, Western Australia’s amazing Pilbara coast. For those who aren’t familiar with the Mackerel Islands, we’ve been operating since the 1970’s and throughout that time have been wholly … Read More