Guest Diaries ‘n’ Drawings


On Thevenard Island in each of the beachfront cabins sits a humble diary – remember those? We thought we’d pop one there just to see if people were inspired to write or draw about their adventures.

You see, there’s this magic thing that happens when you visit a place so raw, beautiful, still and close to its natural state – you get that ‘edge of the world’ feeling that really does inspire creativity and reflection.

Here, we’re really thrilled to present you with our recent guest diary entires. Not all choose to be named (which is totally ok!) but we’d like to thank Emma Wakelam, Paul S and the others shown here for sharing their experience.

The diaries will be kept and we will feature your musings here from time to time – all in the name of creating documented, tangible history for our treasured Islands! If you’re heading our way, look out for them (or ask at reception for one). You never know what nature might beckon you to do. 😉


Island Diary 4Island Diary 1











Island Diary 3