Recreation, Reconnection, Relaxation: The magic of an island day trip

In the often rushed, bustling whirlwind that comprises many of our daily routines, it’s easy to ignore our need for getting away, boosting vitality, reconnecting with loved ones, cutting loose in nature – until we’re just screaming for some time out.

The word ‘escape’ conjures up many thoughts, ideas and emotions.

Sit with it for a moment.

Add the word ‘island’ before it.

Now you’re talking!

An island escape doesn’t have to mean weeks of planning when you visit us. Day trips can give you a much-needed dose of clean air, ocean blues, sense of adventure and blissful bonding time with your dearest folk. You’ll see by our fantastic reviews that service excellence is in our credo of providing you with experiences you’ll never forget – experiences you’ll want to share.

So what kind of magic does a Mackerel Islands day trip bring?


Gosh, where do we start?

– Fishing (say no more, just mind-blowingly AWESOME)
– Grab a snorkel, drift among the stunning reef and corals
– Hire a plaka boat to explore the surrounding island marine terrain
– Trek around the island, soak up nature in its raw magnificence
– Round up your crew for a spot of beach cricket or volleyball
– Grab a camera and become that nature photographer you’ve always wanted to be

It’s a day where time takes a back seat and you’ll snag a snapshot of the Mackerel Islands experience.


Arriving on the islands will simultaneously trigger both disconnection and reconnection. Disconnect from routine, haste and structure. Reconnect with friends, family and maybe even make some new connections. Being surrounded by rugged nature really does work its magic on us mere mortals.


Relaxation is different things for different people, but here are just a few things that will have you melting into the bliss zone in no time.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding
Nothing like cruising over marine blues at your own pace, be it in solitude or with others.

Recline on a shady deck, beverage in hand, being handed a freshly cooked barbecue lunch.
Yes please.

Graze our beautifully clean beaches to discover land and marine wildlife, shells and rock formations. There aren’t many places left in the world like this.

More information on our day trips is available here. 

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent in the office, mowing the lawn or cleaning. Take the adventure, voyage the seas, explore nature.”
– (Adapted from Jack Kerouac, known for his method of spontaneous, often travel-related prose.)

Thanks for being here, we hope to see you soon!