Mackerel Islands

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Mackerel Islands

Mackerel Islands, Western Australia

The Mackerel Islands are located about 20 minutes away from Onslow on the coast of Western Australia. The Island group is made up of 10 beatuiful islands with accommodation on two of those Islands. Guests can choose from resort style Club Thevenard Village or beach side cabins on Thevenard Island or you can experience an entire island to yourself on the private Direction Island.

We have two great Islands to choose from….

Thevenard Island

thevcabinswebLocated 22kms off Onslow in North Western Australia, Thevenard Island is part of the Mackerel Islands group. Thevenard Island is famous for its world class fishing… Read more

Direction Island

directioncabwebEver dreamed of having a secluded island all to yourself? Well, that dream can come true with a holiday at the unique Direction Island, a sun-drenched sandy jewel nestled within its own coral reef just 11 kilometres off WA’s stunning Pilbara coast…. Read more